The Brooklyn Center for the Arts (BCA) is the result of a vision to build a world-class facility for the arts, so that residents’ of Brooklyn and beyond can tap into, develop and perfect their natural gifting.

Our vision is to provide superior instruction in all the artistic disciplines – Movement (Ballet, Modern, Tap, African Dance, etc.), Instrumental Music (Keyboard, Trumpet, Saxophone, Strings, World Music, Percussion, Vocal), Drama, Visual Arts and more.

Brooklyn Center for the Arts is community based, and home of Judah International Dance Theatre, a professional concert dance company. Judah International Dance Theatre focuses on inspiring and transforming lives through innovative artistry and creativity. Judah dances reality and leaves hope for all generations.



Brooklyn Center for the Arts is a community based organization. Our founder and visionary, Archbishop Eugene James Blount’s mission is to offer children and adults, in our community and beyond, an opportunity to experience the arts.

In the community, many children are no longer afforded the privilege of an arts program due to drastic budget cuts and lack of funding in community based programs. For an area so rich in artistic talent, there is so little funding that comes into the affected communities. The cultural activities of our neighborhood are necessary components to its residents and their quality of life.

The Episcopal Arts Fund and Brooklyn Center for the Arts, in an effort to address some of the needs of the community, have funded and now offer scholarships and free programs to the community such as scholarships for Ballet Bed-Stuy, Community Arts Days and Classical Thursdays.